Message From Chairmen


We at OFT ENTERPRISES, INC. feel honored to provide construction, procurement, and engineering service in a high quality manner. We work under the principle of serving our society and caring for the well-being of the communities and companies that we serve. We strive for great quality and honest work with regard to our wide array of services in construction, heavy equipment rental, O&M, procurement & supply projects, but also through education and environmental concerns. We believe from the heart that the best investment we can make is in the future, and that development is realized through well-educated citizens. Our commitment to the environment is lived out as we responsibly cull natural resources, keeping in mind future generations. We at OFT will continue to construct our projects to increase the quality of life of our customers and build facilities that are safe, functionally enlightened, and aesthetically desirable. Through each of our initiatives, we express our loyalty to human race.

Omer Faruk Tuna

Business Lines and Sectors

OFT Enterprises, Inc. is an affiliate of Tekno Group and is a Houston‐based vertically and horizontally integrated commercial entity.  With the assistance from our affiliate, Tekno Group, in Turkey, we are proud to specialize in a wide array of service areas. Tekno Group bring a combined 40 years of national and international industry experience and continue to design and develop properties with well thought out and cutting edge designs. Our Philosophy at OFT is to hire the best people and to apply the best practices to each project we provide services for.

OFT Enterprises, Inc. is primarily engaged in contracts with government entities, US Army, NATO, and prominent corporations to provide Construction, Procurement, and Engineering services. We constantly pursue new acquisition opportunities that are both unique and that promise high, constant-growth potential. OFT Enterprises, Inc. is committed to the success of our lenders, investors, and partners. Our understanding of their unique requirements, goals and objectives and needs helps us ensure their success. At OFT, our goal is to provide maximum value through excellence in product quality, service, innovation, and ethical standards. We constantly seek opportunities where the development of long‐term relationships with capital providers, partners, vendors, and sub-contractors will lead to success through our commitment to serving their special needs and promoting their success. Our Philosophy at OFT Group is to hire the best people and to apply the best practices to each property we develop and construct. We understand how to provide superior results and combine efforts and talent to maintain this high standard. OFT’s history and track record illustrates a level of attention and commitment that is unparalleled.